Meat is our passion

What do you get when two friends on a hunting trip decide to get into the processed meat stick market?

Less than a year later we all get to experience the carnivore magic of Cabanossi, Salami and now Real Beef sticks from over 500 retail outlets across Gauteng and the rest of South Africa.

With over 15 years experience in the catering and hospitality industry – we understand what the carnivore wants.
Real meat, spiced to perfection and individually wrapped for freshness.

“The processed meat market in SA is incredibly big, but at the same time incredibly saturated. But what we felt is that we could bring a product that is different in style and flavor. We knew we could add value where some businesses don’t.”

“With over a year in development and packaging we are ready to bring this product to market, knowing that we have a superior product that tastes incredible and keeps fresh for longer. Its really the perfect on the road, having an adventure, snack.”

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